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Tonight We Celebrate

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Tonight We Celebrate Empty Tonight We Celebrate

Post by Amber555 on Wed Apr 01, 2015 3:00 am

Amber is seen in the at her fathers wrestling school perfecting her muay thai skill kick after kick and is seen grappling with the trainees as

she prepare for her match against cena as an interviewer begins to ask her questions

interviewer; amber tonight you face your rival cena in what is sure to be a legendary match what are your thoughts

Amber; first off i don't know who you are so if i were you i get out my face now what are my thoughts first off cena tonight im not just gonna beat you up or kick your ass tonight im gonna end your little sad pathetic lonely career tonight we celebrate becuase the reign of amber begins for the past month you may of had my number but tonight it ends now if you excuse me i have a match to get to

just then amber and her family heads towards the door as the camera fades to black


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