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greatest match of all time(before the match)

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greatest match of all time(before the match) Empty greatest match of all time(before the match)

Post by Amber555 on Sat Apr 04, 2015 3:18 am

Amber is seen leaving her locker room as she is wearing a black latex bodysuit and black wrestling boots as she make her way to the

entrance ramp as her sister and father follow as she maker her way up the steps ballad of champions begins to play all throughout the

arena A clip is aired on the Titan Tron, showing some of the wrestler's greatest victories and most powerful moves

The Queen of Hearts Amber Valkyrie makes her way to the ring Wearing a Black Widow costume as she walks with her sister by her side

and her dad behind her as she makes her way to the ring she grabs a mic and gets inside the ring and speak

amber; 4 weeks ago cena you beat me in a fluke victory but tonight that won't happen again i don't like you cena and you're starting to get on my nerves you come out here and say how your a fighting champion yet you hind behind all these stupid fans see tonights match will go down as the greatest of all time why because of me i tore through the roster first i embarassed our gm then i kicked wolfyboys ass and now cena your next so cena lets do this

amber drops the mic as she waits for cena music to hit


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