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I should be champion

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I should be champion Empty I should be champion

Post by Amber555 on Mon May 04, 2015 12:51 am

"Introducing The Queen of Hearts Amber Valkyrie"!

Ballad of champions begins playing all throughout the arena

A clip is aired on the Titan Tron, showing some of the wrestler's greatest victories and most powerful moves

The Queen of Hearts Amber Valkyrie makes her way to the ring

Wearing a CORPUS Stripe T-Shirt Dress white tights and white platform pumps she is seen walking with her twin sister jenna who both

make there way to the ring amber grabs a mic and begins to speak

Amber Valkyrie; last week i made sure that ajax tap out in the tag team match first off general manager what are you teddy long
you book me in two tag team matches two weeks in a row now i want my one on one title match i don't care with who give it to me now
iv'e beaten cena twice silverwolf in a number one contenders match ajax,barry and even you i deserve my title match i should be champion the extreme champion

just then amber waits as the gm begins to appear but doesnt show up she gets frusturated and begins to smile at jenna

Amber Valkyrie; typical gm i hiding behind his desk now if i could remeber correctly as i said i was the number one contender i deserve my championship match tonight when people ask m extreme champiome what do i think of the word extreme well let me tell you when i think of the word extreme i think of ECW extreme championshio wrestling names like tommy dreamer sabu the sandman rob van dam
ring a bell when people think of extreme one word comes to mind OCW heck they practilly wrote the book on extreme legends like jermey aslop and D-Maniac

Just then the crowd began to pop for D-Maniac as the place goes nuts chanting o c dub

Amber Valkyrie; you like that heh well tough luck none of those guys are even in my league hey sister

Jenna What is it sister

Amber Valkyrie; I mean look at this place not one thing about this screams extreme we got sad litte boys in the back and cyopathic your a sad little excuse for man. hey sister

Jenna; yes sister

Amber Valkyrie; i say we leave go home and we don't come back ever untill bossman gives us what we want lets go im putting this roster on notice when you mess with me you mess with sister jenna

just then amber drops the mic as she and her sister make there way up the ramp as she and her sister share an embace

as the camera fades to black


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