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Post by The Ghost on Sun Oct 19, 2014 2:40 pm

Ring Name: The Ghost

Birth place: Carson City, Nevada

Home-Town: Carson City, Nevada ( Ages 0-6 ), Los Angeles, California ( Ages 6-9 ), Dallas, Texas ( Ages 9-18 ), Bismarck, North Dakota ( Ages 18- Present )

Age: 38

Birth Date: 1976, January 28

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 227 pounds

Real Name: Carter J. Nennings

Gimmick: Face ( when angered: Heel but his fans accept him as a Face anyways )

Theme Song: Survival- eminem

Finisher: Evasive Action

Taunt: Believe in the ghost

Trademark: Ghost Bomb ( Samoan Drop )

Biography: Being born Janruary 28, 1976 , Carter was very special. He was specialized in weaponry, and very skilled in stealth, warfare, and maneauvering. For years, Carter had moved alot throughout his childhood. When he was 5 his parents, James Nennings and Lizzie Nennings had filed a divorce.

The divorce didn't take place until James came home drunk one night, where they went through court and such, soon he and his mother moved to Los Angeles where Lizzie met a man who was named Henry. They lived together for 3 years and moved to Dallas, TX where Carter mostly went to school and had friends.

One day Henry went to war with the americans from the year 1980- 1986, where Henry was brought home for vacation. Soon, Henry was helping Carter with his homework when Henry was shot infront of his son. Carter was screaming as Henry spoke his last words: " Get the guns, and don't stop fighting back..." Carter did just that.

When Carter was 18 he went to a Military Academy, where he was accepted into the Marine Corps. soon he was part of the Ghost squadron, his final mission was when he was 34, he looked for intrests that suited him. As when he was young he always wrestled with his brother, and during training for the Military Corps. So he looked for applications as he found The Wrestling Game, he tried out, as he used his finisher which was a simple gun smashed into the opponent's face kind of move. He was then accepted.

The Ghost

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