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Sergiy Cena's Bio

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Sergiy Cena's Bio Empty Sergiy Cena's Bio

Post by Sergiy Cena on Mon Sep 29, 2014 9:06 pm

Ring Name:Sergiy Cena
Real Name: Sergiy Morrison Cena


Debut: 2008 August 1st, No Limit Wrestling.

Weight:235 lbs

Birthdate: Classifed

Birthplace: Russia


Signature Move: Pepsi Twist

Finisher: Menju Bomb            

Wrestling Style: Famous for his exciting, high-flying daredevil acts,Sergiy Cena is considered a pioneer of high-risk wrestling, He also use technical, power housing tactics as well as balanced and submission.

Gimmick:Russian Crazy Nutcase Clowns

Nickname: Grandmaster of Submission
King of Darkness


Appearence: His face claim is Adam Cowie google, him Sergiy Cena's Bio 505bd752ae871aa80d51f14e15941e1f

Mentor: Himself

Entrance song:Alone I Break by Korn

Sergiy Cena

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