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A New Year(Amber)

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A New Year(Amber) Empty A New Year(Amber)

Post by Sergiy Cena on Thu Jan 08, 2015 10:30 pm

The Lights Shrine on into the center of the Ring, as Sergiy Cena is standing their with he's championship on he's shoulder. He eyes glitching as they scanned the area, I mean he can't believe he going to say this in front of everyone but he told you all soo. He would win. He giggled and laughed and rolled around the ring but not a soul could deny that he gave Amber a butt whopping match of her life time. She would learn things from him, and let it be a lesson to her.

He brought the Mic towards he's lips and spoke.

Sergiy Cena: I told you Amber I would kick your ass and I did just that. You stand no chance against me the new crowned Champion. Why don't you come out, with your boyfriend. Because I have something to say to that kid.

(I know this is is small. And not my best, But If anyone can pm amber to reply to this it will be grand, thanks, And I am off to bed.)

Sergiy Cena

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A New Year(Amber) Empty Re: A New Year(Amber)

Post by Amber555 on Fri Jan 09, 2015 2:42 pm

Ballad of a champion begins to play all around the arena as the arena of fans begin to get puzzled

as Amber Valkyrie wearing a black herve leger mini dress black tights and black pumps she is seen

walking to the ring with her boyfriend and three other men as they both are holding mics as amber

begins to speak

Amber Valkyrie: cena you think you kicked my a**ss im still standing you may be about hustle loyalty and respect you cant see me but i can see you to come out here and talk about humiliating
me well lets see who truly is the champion why don't you put that title on the line tonight becuase
when you beat me we all know it was just a fluke you got lucky but that wont happen becuase i will beat you senseless over and over and over and over and over again see this is 2015 and this year i will dominate seek and destroy anyone who crosses the queen when you lose that championship you'll be just another member victimized by the reign of amber well cena i always get what i want

just then amber boyfriend comes out of nowhere and spears cena in the ribs and slam him on the

mat a amber blows him a kiss and begins to head backstage as the crowd beings to boo


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