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The Feud rages on(Amber)

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The Feud rages on(Amber) Empty The Feud rages on(Amber)

Post by Sergiy Cena on Thu Jan 15, 2015 11:18 am

Cena makes he's way towards the ring, as he get's into the ring, with he's mic in he's hand and title around he's waist. Cena is seen pacing back and forth.

Sergiy Cena: So, Amber, you think you can beat me in a title match? I highly doubt it. But I will tell you what, come the Pay Pre View. I am willing to put my title on the line against you. You've only beat me in non title matches. However you've never beat me in a tittle match where I am at my best. You bring your fancy supercity of thugs. and umm, your boyfriend or what ever you call that roid freak. I bet you got stuffed after the show by your crew.

Cena laughed before looking at her.

Sergiy Cena: Tell you what, if you beat me this week, I'll leave your crew to stuffing you after show but If I win, your crew leaves Desert Dispatch Extreme wrestling. Sounds like a deal?

Cena said as he stopped and looked at the ram.

Sergiy Cena: So come on out and show yourself, you annoyingly loose woman.

Sergiy Cena

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The Feud rages on(Amber) Empty Re: The Feud rages on(Amber)

Post by Amber555 on Fri Jan 16, 2015 1:50 am

Amber Valkyrie wearing a black widow costume and black boots is seen on the

titan tron with a the same group of guys from last week they all stand crowding her

as she begins to speak

Amber Valkyrie: cena up here hi cena now listen did you really think i would come out there in front of those depressed unhappy and losers of an audience anyhoo that not the point you think these guys are supercity of thugs and my boyfriend a roids freak first off nobody tells my Antonio what to do and now you just made him angry you want to face me again well the answers noooooooooooooo! you what i see in you cena i see a kid who thinks the whole world evolves around him your nothing but a loser

Jut then the fans begin to parade the arena with boos as they wish they'd fight already

Amber Valkyrie: cena this is my world and your just living in it at the pay per view im taking that title and im going all the way to the top im still the queen and this my reign your looking at one of the most gorgeous talented females around i don't know who you think you are but these guys work for me and me only in three weeks this not just a ppv match this is your lively hood at stake since you like issuing challenges
ill issue a challenge of my own

just then Antonio cuts in as amber was about to make her announcement

Antonio: now you listen here punk amber doesn't need our help to kick your a***ss
now enough of this chitter chatter you see this in my hand holds amber's official contract if you win this baby is yours and your free to do whatever with this contract
you want us gone well leave fine oh and word of advice don't make promises you cant keep

just then they begin to leave as amber is not happy with Antonio as camera fades to black


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