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Welll Well Well(Amber)

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Welll Well Well(Amber) Empty Welll Well Well(Amber)

Post by Sergiy Cena on Tue Jan 20, 2015 11:29 am

Cena was seen yet again for another week. Mic in he's hand as he sighed. And paced back and forth he's belt around he's waist. Wearing, black nikes, white socks, black jeans, tight white shirt, and a cap on he's head. He then begun pumping up the crowd the crowd went on. Let's go Cena, WE SHALL Rock Amber, Let's goo Cena we shall Rock Amber. Cena smirked and leaped up in the area. In approval of the chant the fans gave out.

Cena final spoke out.

Sergiy Cena: Finally. Amber. You pulled out something I did not expect you to pull. You pulled out a talent crowd. Which by far I am a bit shocked and surprised you even had any. You did go alone without your wannabe thugs. It's just a matter of time till our match comes at the Pay Pre View. So get ready, Amber. Wear something less revealing this time. Have some self respect woman.

He chuckled, and leaned against the ropes, With he's both elbows against them. He's right hand moving towards moving the mic at he's mouth.

"I've been out of action last week. Left early. After I made my speech to Amber. Hopefully tonight I have someone to fight. Amber get ready come February 12th, I will retain my title. And the Season will end with a bang. Then I will enjoy myself on my break and vacation. In Germany. It's a lovely people. The food, the music, the women. Something you don't understand, Amber. Right, guys? Of course.

He leaned off the ropes and paced back and forth in the middle of the ring.

Sergiy Cena: Like last week, Come on out, Amber. You annoying revealing woman.

He clapped at he's statement.

Waiting for Amber to come out.

Sergiy Cena

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Welll Well Well(Amber) Empty Re: Welll Well Well(Amber)

Post by Amber555 on Wed Jan 21, 2015 1:52 am

Amber Valkyrie wearing a black fit flaire mini dress black tights and black patent pumps

showcasing her amazing legs as ballads of the champion begins to play over the arena

as amber and crew make there way to the ring Antonio lifts the ropes showcasing

what a gentleman he is as amber makes her way inside she calls for a mic and begins to speak

Amber Valkyrie: cena cena cena when are you gonna understand i don't care what you want its all about what i want and what i want you couldn't even bye on Feb 12 it's not just a match it's more than that the stakes are high now that everybody knows that my contracts on the line

just then amber begins to scold antonio as the crowd is split on who to cheer for

Amber Valkyrie: what about you cena im mean you question my integrity quand je vous battre pour le championnat vous avez perduil suffit de savoir vous avez perdu
qui plus intelligent beau et talentueux

antonio grabs a mic and begins to speak

antonio: did you hear that in case you didn't here let me translate it when you don't win know this you lost to someone who is far more superior on feb 12 its not just about a championship its about pride cause this fairytale dream of your will be over and the reign of amber will begin whats your decision cena amber held her end of the bargain how about if you lose you work for amber but if you win we leave and never come back and amber's all yours

just then amber turns around and looks at antonio with an evil scold on her face as

the crowd is going nuts

Amber Valkyrie: antonio it's over

amber takes her hands and sticks it up antonio privates parts executing a low blow

Amber Valkyrie: cena you call yourself a man then show me cause on feb 12 im not just gonna beat you im gonna prove to the world why im the resident beauty and your just a kid trying to play with the adults if your man like you say are show me prove it destroy your next opponent

just then amber motions toward cena as amber grabs cena hands closer towards her

body and plants a long wet kiss on cena as the fans are shocked as the arena is silent

as cena doesn't know what to make of it

Amber: in three weeks that championship is coming home with me as for you will have nothing how i dress and how i act is that of me the beautiful amber valkyrie
and o don't change for no one so take it or leave it

amber drops the mic and begins to leave the ring as she walks back up the ramp

as camera fades to black


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