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Come Let's Dance(Amber)

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Come Let's Dance(Amber) Empty Come Let's Dance(Amber)

Post by Sergiy Cena on Wed Jan 28, 2015 9:44 am

Sergiy Cena is seen in the ring wearing he's normal gear. He was pacing back and forth as the fans cheered Let's goo Cena, Amber sucks. Let's goo Cena, Amber sucks. He jumped up and down and begun to pump the crowd up. Before he stopped in the middle of the ring and begun to speak.

Sergiy Cena: Now now, I have picked up a Victory in our little tag match, Amber lost again. And I have won. There is no stop the movement called the C-Nation. All Aboard the Cho choo Trains my mates. Come the Pay Preview we. I shall beat Amber and come victories. Then again if I lose. I am entilted in a rematch so I am not worried. HA!

He stopped talking and chuckled.

Sergiy Cena: Just like last week, I am calling you out Amber. So make your candy butt over here. And why don't you tweak for me. Shake that booty if you even have one.

He laughed slowly.

Sergiy Cena

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Come Let's Dance(Amber) Empty Re: Come Let's Dance(Amber)

Post by Amber555 on Wed Jan 28, 2015 10:18 pm

just then amber makes her way out to the ring in her wrestling gear she is wearing a

black skin tight latex bodysuit resembling the black widow with a mic in hand she

begins to speak

Amber Valkyrie; cena last week you didn't pin me in two weeks your little fairytale will come crumbling down i don't like you no no i despise you first off i don't twerk
and second my behind is none of your damn business so lets not wait till the ppv lets fight right now

just then amber brushes to the ring as she and cena begin to trade blows until

security begins to break it up but to no avail as these two are still fighting cena grabs

the upper hand but amber begins fighting back then

Amber Valkyrie Lifts cena on his shoulders

and slams him on the mat executing a heroic Dominatrix

Amber grabs the mic and begins to speak

Amber Valkyrie; you see this i prove tonight with out a shadow of a doubt that you are a chump and a loser im taking your title becuase im the champion and until you earned this your not getting this back

just then amber grabs cena's title and begins to leave as the crowd boos heavily

as the camera fades to black


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