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The Time Has Come(Amber)

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The Time Has Come(Amber) Empty The Time Has Come(Amber)

Post by Sergiy Cena on Mon Feb 02, 2015 9:18 am

Sergiy Cena is seen in the ring with the mic as he is smiling.

Sergiy Cena: You took my belt. Well done. No biggie I am not complaining. In fact I intend to get my belt back in my match today. I just hope you are woman enough to handle the punish I will be given you. Like I said in the past to you. Title matches are different, in title matches I try. In normal matches I don't try.

He paused moving back and forth as he grinned

Sergiy Cena: Think of it this way Amber, You lose you lose your men, you annoying husband, that loves to cheap shot. Oh don't get me wrong you two are an amazing couple. Just not Genetic martial, perhaps a dwarf will best please your needs. Your time is quite up, Amber. And my time is here. So shoo away before you get stomped.

He chuckled towards himself. Cena smirked slowly. As he resumed to pace himself back and forth and pumping up the crowd to a point where they were like Let's go Cena, Amber sucks let's go Cena, Amber Cena. It was actually great to hear this. It was a change, after so many losts Cena gave to the fan base they were still on he's side. Which was good, yet still shocking, Perhap Sergiy Cena was some form of aspiration to these fans. Even though he is dropped to the ground he would pick up himself up and then simply dust himself off.

Sergiy Cena: Let's not keep these fans waiting, and start our match shall we?" He asked her.

Sergiy Cena

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The Time Has Come(Amber) Empty Re: The Time Has Come(Amber)

Post by Amber555 on Thu Feb 05, 2015 2:16 pm

Ballad of a champion begins to play over the arena as amber wearing a black widow

costume and black boots is seen making her way to the ramp she has cena's title

she is seen with a mic and begins to speak

Amber Valkyrie; oh you mean this title like i said last week you don't deserve this title tonight your gonna try let me just tell you something tonight im gonna kick your teeth in tonight is the biggest night in your career becuase when i win i will never have to see your face here ever again

amber takes the title and places it on the floor she grabs the mic and speaks in a seductive voice

Amber Valkyrie; since you wanna whine if you want this title so bad be a man and come and get it


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