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Post by Silverwolf on Sat Mar 07, 2015 7:59 pm

Wrestler Name: Silverwolf
Full name: Calon Cross

Billed Hometown: Indian Springs, NM

Age: 28 years old

Height: 6’1

Weight: 223 pounds

Appearance: Without the mask, he’s a very hairy man with the exception of his balding head. He sports a full beard and crazy silver contacts that makes Bray Wyatt look like Mr. Rogers. His arms are tatted up with a pictorial of his an outlandish legend of how he became the wolf. Stories that include some of the darkest fairy tells that are not so obviously ripped right out of a Grimm book.

Wrestling Gear: Imagine a silver Deadpool with a werewolf mask. Now imagine him wearing a sleeveless silver trenchcoat/robe with wicked blue and black designs on it that are befitting of a punk rocker.

Nicknames:  I dunno.. make something up at your own expense.

Backstory: Coming Soon..

Personality: Multiple Personality Disorder. He can be a straight up sportsman, but one slight could send him into a psychotic meltdown in which he becomes the biggest heel you can imagine.
Alignment: Depends on if he takes his meds, whats going on in politics, if you disrespect him, and how his love life is going. Really.. there is no telling what he is going to be when you face him. It’s a toss up if it’s a good idea or not to shake his hand.
Wrestling Style: He can throw a punch, but he’s more inclined to strike in the midst of a meltdown. For the most part he is a technical magician who can fly with grace. (Dean Malenko meets AJ Styles)
Entrance Music: Staring at the Sun by Down With Webster

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