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Post by Silverwolf on Sun Mar 08, 2015 4:56 pm

#DDE_FullMoonRising surfaced and quickly rose to the top of the most talked about topics in wrestling. Just 24 hrs after Calon Cross posted a picture of his Silverwolf mask lying on top of a DDE contract signed by the psychotic one himself. Now the keyboard warriors were taking jabs at each other over their opinion over what made most sense for Silverwolf to do. Come in as a heel or a face. Who he would align with if anyone. Who he would feud with. Which title he would go after. As if wrestling were fake, scripted, and acted out for their viewing pleasure. The truth is, its not. It’s a shoot. And Silverwolf will do whatever the hell he wants to do.

Calon Cross has a smirk on his face. He deftly sweeps the dark goggles from his eyes up to his forehead. His eyes are closed at first but then he opens the left one revealing a wickedly silver eye. He then closes it while opening the other revealing a matching and just as wickedly silver right eye. He closes it and opens both eyes. Suddenly, his smirk is gone.

Calon: Well… well… wwwaait a second. I just cost some poor smark a bet. Can you BELIEVE…… that fans are betting on my first words. I actually heard about a kid who bet his savings that the first three words out of my mouth the first time I appeared on DDE programming would be Well… Well…. Well. Well, the jokes on him. NOBODY dicatates, predicts, or scripts me.

Calon:You know,….

Calon points to the right slightly as the camera pans back to allow him room to walk and talk, also revealing the scene. Calon is overlooking an empty arena with a wrestling ring set up in the center of it. Both hands on the rail, he leans over and flips over it, now hanging upside down.

Camera man: What the **** are you doing, man?

The camera man struggles to get the best shot he can. Calon is now upside down to you as he does death defying pull-ups over a 50 foot drop.

Calon: What you and every other wrestler in the DDE locker room ought to be doing to prepare. Cause when Dispatch rolls around… only one person is gonna be standing.

Calon pulls up and skins the cat back over the rail coming face to lens with the camera.

Calon: I’m coming for everyone.

He smiles.

Transmission ends.

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