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Cena Vs Amber 3

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Cena Vs Amber 3 Empty Cena Vs Amber 3

Post by Amber555 on Sun Mar 22, 2015 9:06 pm

A video begin to show on the titan tron a camera man can be seen in the background as he is standing in the middle of a big room inside

a house directing orders as the camera turns to amber walking to a chair she is wearing a cream sparta mini dress white opaque tights

and christian louboutin white pantent pumps showcasing her amazing legs as she begins to sit down legs crossed as the cameraman

place a mic around the neck of her dress as he begins to count back from five as the camera starts to roll and amber begins to speak

Amber Valkyrie;home is where the heart is two weeks ago i told you when life gets you down family is all you got cause without family what do you got  know im sure you're wondering what is amber doing here well welcome to my family's home you see cena you're no champion just a fraud parading around with my championship you see i don't have to worry becuase i got my lovley talented twin sister jenna who at 22 years of age became the youngest womens champion ever my dad a hall of famer who is a four time world heavyweight champ who beat some of the best in this buissness and now me who at the age of 25 years old acomplished more than then you ever will in your entire career

Just then jenna appears on the screen wearing the same mini dress in red white tights and white pantent pumps as she stands right next

to amber as amber begins give her a look

Amber Valkyrie; funny isn't weird jenna how we both dress the same but yet are completly diffrent im mean your more laid back and im more straightfoward

then bruce appears on the screen as he also stands next to amber he begins to speak

Bruce; cena i don't know who you are and i don't care my baby girl is getting the shot of a lifetime so why don't you man up and face her in one last match becuase we all know you don't have ounce the talent my daughters have

bruce begins to sit down in a chair as amber begins to speak

amber; so wolfyboy you want to fight well then next week well fight and im gonna kick your ass you wanna get in my buissness well prepare for the biggest ass whooping of your life you saw what i did last week with our gm i left him in a plie of his own blood so what do you say wolfyboy

just then amber begins laughing as she waits for silverwolfs answer but he does not appear as amber begins laughing

Amber; well silverwolf i knew it you are not a man a man does not cower he backs up his talk you just got here and you're already claming the extreme title you see what me and cena have is pure hatred for each other this doesnt concern you so if you ever get in my buissness again i'll make sure to drop you like a pancake now cena im coming for your title and this time i'll make sure it's a family affair so lets put an end to this once and for all at the ppv cena vs amber 3 you pick the match cause we all know at the end i'l be standing with the championship cause family is greater than one

Bruce and his daughters begin celebrating with a glass of wine as they begin chanting to family as the camera fades to black


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